The master is developed in two courses of different but complementary orientation. These are divided into 7 modules.

First course

The first course is designed to provide you with a global vision of the tools of the digital and interactive environment and their application in the current field of communication and advertising.

01. Strategic planning of digital communication

02. Creativity applied to the digital environment

03. Digital marketing

04. Digital communication campaign

At the end of these modules you will obtain the title of Postgraduate Diploma.

Second course

The second course offers you the methodological elements for you to develop research in the field of interactive communication with the aim of delving into an area of specialization.

05. Scientific methodology and academic research

06. Research in interactive

07. Final work of master


Upon completion of the 7 modules (4 in the first phase and 3 in the second) you will obtain the Master's degree.



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